Holistic RN | Rita Heiry-Yost, RN Certified Reiki Master


Having over 40 years experience as an RN, I have witnessed much in the evolution of healthcare both amazing and not so great. I have always felt that there is something missing in traditional Western Medicine.

Twenty or so years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/Epstein Barr/Fibromyalgia. At that time the only treatment option was antidepressants which I did not want to take. So I began to pay attention to when I had symptoms and what was going on when I did. I noticed that I often felt achy and extremely tired after eating certain foods. I began to alter my diet long before food sensitivities were the hot topic that they are today, led by my common sense to treat myself effectively, naturally.

There is a person close to me that was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer two years ago. Together, with the help of Hillman Cancer Center, Nutritional Frontiers supplements, Ty Bollinger’s “The Truth About Cancer”, Reiki sessions weekly, many podcasts and documentaries including “The Miracle Plant”, and a complete change in diet, Chakra & crystal therapy, we have developed a program that has resulted in this dear person not only still being here, but thriving...no evidence of disease.

While I certainly could never claim to have all the answers, I do know that there is more than Western Medicine for optimal wellness and healing. My hope and passion is to use my experience and training to help as many as I can to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health, naturally.