Holistic RN | Rita Heiry-Yost, RN Certified Reiki Master

Reiki Sessions


The first thing that happens when a session is booked with me is that I ask you about your general health and any problems physical, emotional or spiritual that you may be having. I usually do this the night before by phone. Then I will research and prepare for you by creating a mix of essential oils to diffuse, healing crystals and music with specific tones selected to enhance the individual experience. Other Reiki practitioners do not do this.

There is no disrobing involved. I will ask the participant to lie comfortably on a massage table. If this is not possible, a sofa or chair can be used. An eye mask is offered to assist in relaxation but is not required. We start with some deep breathing and perhaps some guided meditation. The session then proceeds usually lasting another 30 minutes or so. During this time, I may or may not lightly lay my hands onto the participant. Using pure compassionate intention, I invite Universal Life Force to heal for the best and highest outcome.

If you have ever had a Reiki session before, because of the extra attention and enhancements, I believe that you will find mine to be in a different realm. If you have never had a Reiki session, you are in for a lovely, healing experience.

And the best part is that I am much less expensive than other Reiki practitioners. Shop around and you will find this to be absolutely true! Plus, I have a buy 4 get one free special.

I hope to see you in one of my studios soon!

Call: 412-897-4905 or Email: Rita@HolisticRN.net to book an appointment.
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