Holistic RN | Rita Heiry-Yost, RN Certified Reiki Master


The definition of Reiki according to Merrium Webster dictionary is “a system of touching with the hands based on the belief that such touching by the experienced practitioner produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain energy fields held to exist within the body.”

Pronounced RAY-KEY, Rei refers to universal, higher intelligence, wisdom, light. Ki is a term for life force energy. Reiki is therefore universal life force energy. It has as many names as there are civilizations. The term “Reiki” is Japanese while “Chi” is Chinese, “Prana” is Hindu, “Letti” is the Hawaiian term. Christians may refer to this universal life force as the Holy Spirit.

The practice of Reiki is performed with INTENTION. To explain this, know that we all have the universal life force inside of us and are capable of using it to influence other living beings with our energy. A mother’s love is an example of this- something so strong that the recipient can feel it. It may feel like a warm glow. In a Reiki session, the practitioner brings a HEALING INTENTION to the recipient.

Reiki brings healing through compassion and unconditional love. It is immensely spiritual but not religious. The practitioner connects the recipient to Universal Energy thus promoting healing by activation of the relaxation response and helping the body to heal itself at a very deep level. It balances and heals energy in the body. Being a complimentary therapy, Reiki can do only good, can never cause harm. It nourishes physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Rieki is light, vibration and love.