Holistic RN | Rita Heiry-Yost, RN Certified Reiki Master

About Me

I am a wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I am blessed with a beautiful family and close lifelong friends. I have been a practicing RN for coming up on 42 years and am still going strong. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, my husband and I have lived in our home for 22 years and have wonderful neighbors.

My nursing career has taken me to hospital intensive care and step down units, general med-surg and when I could no longer work shifts due to a divorce and childcare needs, I worked in Staff Development in long term care. From there I went to Home Health, in the meantime marrying my husband Greg. After several years I moved to being Healthcare Coordinator for a facility specializing in treatment of those with dementia. After many years doing that (often involving my kids in events and services) I went back to Home Health as a Director of Nursing of a small local agency. Next came supervisor of a larger national agency but the hours and demands became unreasonable so I have recently changed to working part time “in the field” for another large Home Health agency. This has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my dream of starting a Holistic Wellness practice while keeping my traditional Western nursing skills current. Eventually my goal is to have a full time Holistic Wellness Practice. For this and all of my experience I am so very grateful.

I have studied energy healing for years, receiving Reiki Master Certification in early 2018. Always having been drawn to nature and spirituality, becoming certified as a Holistic RN last fall was a logical progression. My goal is to continue to study, learn and practice the healing arts to help as many folks as possible.